Jennifer Martin (b.1990) uses diverse mediums with a strong focus on photography and sculptural installation. An overarching interest in the critical dimensions of photography bridges Martin's work. She is keenly concerned with the potential and potency of photography, as well as the dupable expectation for accuracy and neutrality.

In 2013, Martin was nominated for the UK Qatar Artists’ Exchange at the Katara Art Center in Doha, QA, sponsored by the British Council. The series of work created on the residency Doha: A Survey of Material focuses on what the landscape and objects convey about the state of Doha, particularly in relation to Ariella Azoulay’s theories on 'photographing on the verge of catastrophe'. In 2015, Martin was shortlisted for the D&AD Next Photographer Award for Rap Sheet, which documents overzealous criminal convictions in the U.S. and questions the legacies of the ‘broken window’ and ‘zero tolerance’ policies. Martin participated in the Fundación Botín workshop ‘Getting Lost’ led by artist Julie Mehertu that same year. In 2016, she was shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 159. Most recently she has exhibited at Lychee One Gallery, PHOTOBLOCK London, and Kraków Photomonth 2016. In 2017 Martin took part in Chisenhale Studios's Studio4 Residency and Durham Wharf Foundation Residency 2017, which took place across South London Gallery, The Showroom, and ICA London. 

Martin graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2013. She currently lives and works in London, UK where she studies MA Photography at the Royal College of Art.