Gaze, a project by artist Jennifer Martin, queries 'the site where epidermis, vision and apparatus meet', and encompasses a series of workshops which directly engage with histories of racialised representation.  

This series of three workshops and public events takes place with partnering galleries across London (August - November 2017). 

The workshop Gaze: Film/Collage and corresponding event Gaze: Navigating the Veil focus on racialized representation in film, particularly actors of colour’s potential agency in selecting roles and navigating outside of typecasting throughout their careers. South London Gallery, August 2017

The workshop Gaze: Analogue Photography and corresponding event Gaze: On the Verge of the Visible deals with racialized representation within photography. The Showroom, October 2017

The final workshop Gaze: Oral/Written and corresponding event Gaze: Utterance are centered on the oration of ancestral narratives and exercises in writing self-reflexively about others' subjectivities. ICA London, November 2017

Gaze is generously supported by the Durham Wharf Foundation through ReachOutRCA, the Royal College of Art engagement programme.